Key Personnel

PL Groups is managed by experienced and leading industry professionals.

Scott Stivala

Managing Director

Mr Stivala is a passionate and energetic entrepreneur with experience in logistics and IT. Having started his own logistic and IT business at a very young age Scott brings much industry expertise and compliments his wealth of knowledge with his strong ability to think outside the box.

Peter Markovski

Finance Director

Mr Markovski is a member of the Associate Australian Institute of Credit Management and has a Diploma of Management. Formerly President of The Chamber of Commerce, Mr Markovski brings over 20 Years of experience in the finance industry. Mr Markovski’s experience extends from many large institutions and Banks throughout Australia. Mr Markovski also holds directorships in many investment subsidiaries and companies locally and internationally.

Satish Menon

Vice President (Commercial)

Mr Menon brings a vision of building a focused Telecommunications, Power and Utilities Infrastructure development and management capability in Asia through PL Groups.

James Perri

Co-Founder, CEO

Mr Perri brings his wealth of experience to PL Groups. Mr Perri’s vast local and international experience in telecommunications and property developments together with his drive, determination and personable communication skills have contributed greatly to the success of PL Groups to date.