About Us

The Groups’ strategy over the coming years is to focus on new business opportunities that leverage off its strengths;

Security and Stability –
Strong asset base and liquidity
Financing –
Extensive capability for large-scale infrastructure and property projects
Capability –
Innovative and experienced team

PL Groups maintains its current revenues in Energy, Shipping, Oil & Gas while continuing to grow its business to the next level. With further investments and expansions into Renewable Energy, LNG Refinery, Tanker Shipping, and Timber imports in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Asia.

PL Groups’ projects and investments include:

Spectrum Licences
Mobile Operator Services
Wireless Services
Turnkey Project Management
Consulting Services (Government and Private)
Joint Venture 

Commercial and Retail Developments
Aged Care Facilities and Retirement Units
Apartments and Commercial Projects

Mining and Infrastructure
Timber Imports and Exports

Commodities Buying & Selling (Oil & Gas)

Shipping tanker Transport (Land & Sea)
Wealth Management

PL Groups’ strengths lie in its long-term government and partner relations, backed by a capable team with extensive industry experience. As such, our expertise and strong business relationships enable our investors and partners to maximise their global growth and secure their future needs.

PL Groups can take you there.


PL Groups has a variety of business partners;

Canaf Petro-Chemicals Refiner (CPCR) 
The concepts of the Canaf Oil & Gas Consortiums,, trace our beginnings from the early days in the British Virgin Islands. From the mining shores of the Sub-Saharan African continent with cumulative discoveries, which led to the formation of the Canaf Petro-Chemicals – 1997. The company later became the subject of envy for today’s buyers and major subject refineries, subsequently, Canaf Petro-Chemicals Refinery™. We took on the name Canaf Petro-Chemicals Refinery™ when we acquired Canafric Oil in 2005, which nearly doubled our worldwide proven commitment in oil and natural gas reserves, was the very significance in our success at large from end to end, maintaining the product chain of custody from start to finish.

Freepan Holdings Corp, LNG 
FHC International is Primarily trading Oil and Gas trading and its exploration and exploitation, but also other natural resources. Shipping & Chartering Transportation of dry and wet freights across the globe under long term structured transactions.

Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. 
Established in 1973, the company manages a global fleet of bulk vessels for transporting. The company charters out vessels for fixed periods of time e.g. one year, or for specific voyages to large multinational companies and operators. The Company aims to deliver on time, every time, all cargoes of crude oil, LNG Gas and its products carried on its managed fleet, in the safest manner possible, protecting the marine environment, ensuring the  safety and health of the Company’s seafarers and the public at large. EST is a niche tanker management company focusing solely on modern double hull tonnage, servicing the needs of oil major and trader clients through the formation of long-term relationships both on the spot or the time-charter markets.

Active Global Exports 
Active Global Exports is an Australian oil and gas company specialising in global energy trade. With a focus on reliability and quality, they supply diverse petroleum products to meet market demands.

Sai Freight 
Saifreight is a dynamic cargo and freight company providing comprehensive logistics solutions. With global reach and efficiency, they specialise in secure and timely transportation, meeting diverse client needs.

La Mancha Resource Capital
La Mancha Resource Capital is a dynamic company engaged in the exploration and development of mineral resources. With a global focus, they strive for excellence in the mining industry.

Orascom TMT Investments 
Orascom TMT Investments S.ὰ r.l. (“OTMTI”, formerly Weather Investments II S.ὰ r.l.) is a renowned investor and strategic shareholder in telecommunications and technology companies. OTMTI was established by Mr. Naguib Sawiris.

Built on the foundation of Switch’s industry-leading data centres in the United States, SUPERNAP Thailand’s Bangkok Campus will open opportunities for businesses to innovate and expand their global technology footprint in Asia Pacific.